Improving Email Deliverability Through Server Protocols and Reputation! (Video Course)


When it comes to your email reputation and deliverability there are many things that can and should be done behind the scenes before you even think about sending that email.

When you think about who hosts your email, and who else they host email for, you start to see issues. Have you done all you can to compensate for the other senders hosted by your mail sender? Should you look at another mail provider with a better reputation? Have you thought about where else you send mail from, such as Mailchimp?

There are DNS settings, server settings, and newer protocols that when combined can almost eliminate the chance of your email being spoofed as well as boosting your deliverability and I will be covering not only best practices, but also providing you with some ideas that can take it to the next level.

Product Description

This is a 1 hour 20 minute video presentation that you can view at your convenience for 3 months.