Easy Digital Downloads Tweaks

This plugin includes a collection of Easy Digital Download tweaks that include password settings, headers, and displaying zero cost items as “FREE”.  This plugin also includes email tweaks to enable emails for recurring payments and disable new user notification emails.

  • Clean header — Added 3.1.0
  • Send email for EDD recurring payments — Included since 1.0.0
  • Show FREE if price is 0.00 — Included since 1.0.0, Updated 3.2.0
  • Disable new user notification email, admin and users in EDD — Added 2.0.0
  • Force a minimum password length at checkout — Added 3.3.0

Optimize WooCommerce Scripts

This plugin removes the WooCommerce Generator tag, styles, and scripts from non- WooCommerce pages.

  • Optimize WooCommerce Scripts – Included since 1.0.0
  • Remove Woo Dashboard Widgets – Added 2.0.0