WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy”

WordPress 6.2 "Dolphy"

Say hello to WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy,” named for the woodwind jazz wiz, the multi-instrumentalist—Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. Dolphy is acclaimed for having brought the bass clarinet to prominence in the jazz scene, creating a place for the flute and extending the lexicon of the alto saxophone. In a career that spanned continents, his artistry was at the forefront of pushing improvisational boundaries, ensemble work, and partnerships with well-respected artists like Charles Mingus and John Coltrane.

This latest version of WordPress reimagines your site editing experience, introduces more ways to style your site, and offers a new distraction-free way to write. Discover improvements that give you more control and freedom to express your creative vision. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a content creator, developer, site builder, or designer. Let the music of Eric Dolphy delight you as you take in all that 6.2 has to offer.

WordPress 6.2 is the first major release of 2023, covering over 900 enhancements and fixes. It’s also a transition point in the WordPress project’s development roadmap, shifting focus from customization to early exploration of workflows and collaboration.

What’s inside

Meet the reimagined Site Editor

Image inlay of the reimagined Site Editor. WordPress 6.2 Dolphy

Ready for you to dive in and explore: 6.2 is your invitation to discover what the next generation of WordPress—and block themes—can do. 

Now out of beta, the Site Editor has an updated interface, giving you a new way to interact with your entire site. Explore full previews of your templates and template parts, then jump in and get to editing your site from wherever you choose.

Manage menus in more ways with the Navigation block

Image inlay of menu management from the Navigation block

Add, remove, and reorder menu items faster—with a new sidebar experience that makes editing your site’s navigation easier.

Discover a smoother experience for the Block Inserter

Image inlay of the Block Inserter

A refreshed design gives you easier access to the content you need. Use the Media tab to quickly drag and drop content from your existing Media Library. Find patterns faster with a split view that lets you navigate categories and see previews all at once.

Find the controls you want when you need them

Tab between settings and styles in the block settings sidebar

Your block settings sidebar is better organized with tabs for Settings and Styles. So the tools you need are easy to identify and access. 

Build faster with headers and footers for block themes

Block themes

Discover a new collection of header and footer patterns. Use them with any block theme as a quick, high-quality starting point for your site’s templates.

Explore Openverse media right from the Editor


Openverse’s library catalogs over 700 million+ free, openly licensed stock images and audio—and now it’s directly integrated into the WordPress experience through the Inserter. 

Focus on writing with Distraction Free mode

Distraction Free

For those times you want to be alone with your ideas. You can now hide all your panels and controls, leaving you free to bring your content to life.

Meet the new Style Book

Style Book

Get a complete overview of how every block in your site’s library looks. All in one place, all at a glance, directly in the Site Editor.

Copy and paste styles

Copy Paste

Perfect the design on one type of block, then copy and paste those styles to other blocks to get just the look you want.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS

Power up your site any way you wish with design tools and custom CSS for another level of control over your site’s look and feel for maximum creativity and artistry in your designs.

Other highlights in 6.2

  • Sticky positioning: Choose to keep top-level group blocks fixed to the top of a page as visitors scroll.
  • Importing widgets: Options to import your favorite widgets from Classic themes to Block themes.
  • Local fonts in themes: Default WordPress themes offer better privacy with Google Fonts now included.

Learn more about WordPress 6.2

Explore Learn WordPress for quick how-to videos, courses, and other resources for the latest features in WordPress. Or join a free live interactive online workshop.

Check out the WordPress 6.2 Field Guide for detailed developer notes to help you build with WordPress and get the most out of the latest release. Read the 6.2 release notes for additional technical details about this release, including installation information, updates, fixes, file changes, and more.

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