WooCommerce 8.0.1 Fix Release

A critical issue that has been identified in WooCommerce version 8.0. As a result, we are releasing an update to 8.0 to ensure the stability and reliability of your WooCommerce-powered websites. Please read this advisory carefully for more information on how this affects you and the necessary steps to take.

Issue Description:

A bug affecting WooCommerce version 8.0 has been reported, impacting certain critical functionalities like the Onboarding Wizard (OBW) and Payments Menu. This bug arises from a protocol switch and could result in unexpected errors, including 404s on the status page.

Version Update:

To address this issue, we are releasing 8.0.1.

Affected Versions:

  • WooCommerce 8.0.0

Steps to Check if You’re Affected:

  • Check your WooCommerce version: Verify whether your website is running WooCommerce 8.0.0.
  • Test critical functionalities: If you’re using the Onboarding Wizard or the Payments Menu, test these features thoroughly to ensure they are working as expected.
  • Monitor for errors: Keep an eye out for any unexpected errors or 404s on the status page.

Next Steps:

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If you have a care plan with 7th Circle Designs this update will be taken care of based on your plan’s schedule. If you do not have a care plan, sign up now.