WooCommerce 7.9 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of WooCommerce 7.9.0. This release should be backwards compatible with the previous version.

This release contains:

As always, we recommend creating a backup of your site and making sure that your theme and any other plugins are compatible before updating. You can check out this update guide for more information.

Upcoming PHP Requirement Change

While 7.9.0 continues to support PHP 7.3, we want to remind you of an announcement we made recently regarding the upcoming change that will require PHP 7.4 beginning with WooCommerce 8.2.0.

If you’re currently using PHP 7.3, this release adds a dismissible notice reminding you of the upcoming change (#38604).

Read our announcement post for full details.

What’s new in 7.9.0?

Mini Cart Block Settings

We’ve updated the Mini Cart Block editor sidebar to improve its appearance and ease of use. Existing features are preserved, but with a much more professional look and feel. You can see it in action below!

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The Mini Cart Block Settings

New Patterns

We’ve prepared multiple block patterns for products that are available from the block inserter. Here’s a preview of a few of them in action:

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Chessboard style product details
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Product Details
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Another alternative view for product details

Enable Single Product block

We are introducing the Single Product block, which will allow you to select and display any product on a page, post, or template.

image 5
image 6

Enable blockified templates

The blockified version of the Single Product, Product Catalog, Product Search Results, Products by Attribute, Products by Category, and Product By Tag templates are now the default template on new plugin installations and for stores enabling a block theme (replacing the old classic template).

image 7

Below is illustrated how the migration strategy works:

image 13

Additionally, you can enable or disable the blockified templates through the Site Editor.

Actions and Filters

This release adds one new action and one new filter.


woocommerce_admin_order_data_after_payment_infoHook allowing extenders to render custom content within the Order details box.

This allows urgent notices or other important order-related info to be displayed upfront in the order page. Example: display a notice if the order is disputed. [Source]


woocommerce_general_pricing_disabled_messageAllow developers to change the general pricing message. [Source]

Database Changes

This release has no database changes.

Template Changes

This release has no template changes.

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