WooCommerce 7.2.1 Rollback

Developer Advisory:

For the sake of transparency, here is a detailed account of why 7.2.1 was rolled back and necessitated a 7.2.2 fix release:

The details

  • The WooCommerce 7.1.0 release updated the states for New Zealand to the CLDR standard. This introduced a bug as the database records did not get updated.
  • WooCommerce 7.2.1 fixed the issue with the New Zealand states by creating a database migration helper to convert the NZ states to the new standard. Additionally, it included the state update and migration for Ukraine.
  • The fix implemented in 7.2.1 inadvertently included a hard-coded table prefix for the migration. For sites with custom database prefixes (anything other than wp_), the update routine caused error messages to be logged which subsequently rescheduled the routine, filling the debug logs rapidly.
  • After realizing the severity of the issue, we began the work to release 7.2.2 and rolled back the 7.2.1 release entirely.

How can I tell if this affects me?

You will be able to quickly see if you are experiencing an issue by checking your log files. The bug produces the following error message: WordPress database error Unknown column ‘wp_postmeta.post_id’ in ‘where clause’ for query...

What action should I take?

Regardless of impact, if you are currently using WooCommerce 7.2.1, it is recommended that you roll back to version 7.2.0 until we have a fix available in 7.2.2.

WooCommerce 7.2.2 is now available.

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