WooCommerce 7.2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of WooCommerce 7.2. This release should be backward compatible with the previous version.

This release contains:

As always, we recommend creating a backup of your site and making sure that your theme and any other plugins are compatible before updating. You can check out this update guide for more information.

What’s new in 7.2?

Stack layout for product task

screen shot 2022 12 08 at 13.53.34

The new stacked layout highlights recommended product types based on what the user declared during the onboarding wizard, while the least relevant ones are collapsed. It makes it easier to scan information, compare it and make a decision.

You can try out the new layout by going to WooCommerce > Home > Add products.

Actions and Filters

This release adds new actions and new filters.


woocommerce_before_quantity_input_fieldHook to output something before the quantity input field.


woocommerce_json_search_found_customersFilter to customize the display of the currently selected customer for an order in the order edit page.This is the same filter used in the ajax call for customer search in the same metabox.
woocommerce_get_customer_payment_tokens_limitControls the maximum number of Payment Methods that will be listed via the My Account page.

Template Changes

Template Name

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If you have a care plan with 7th Circle Designs this update will be taken care of based on your plan’s schedule. If you do not have a care plan, sign up now.

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