WooCommerce 5.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of WooCommerce 5.8. This is a minor release and everything should be backwards compatible with the previous version.

This release contains:

As always, we recommend creating a backup of your site and making sure that your theme and any other plugins are compatible before updating. You can check out this update guide for more information.

What’s new in 5.8?

  • The REST API now supports modified_before and modified_after fields for product, order and coupon endpoints (#29461).
  • A set of usability problems with dropdown fields have been resolved (#28966 and #30607).
  • A bug that was impacting the featured status of products during quick-editing has been resolved. (#30471).
  • Small fixes for the in-app marketplace (#30624 and #30625).
  • Improvements made to our messaging when removing line items from within the order editor (#30650).

These are just some of the changes that are included in WooCommerce 5.8. You can find the complete changelog for this release in the changelog.txt file.

Compatibility Changes

While we try to deliver releases that are free from breaking changes, it is worth highlighting a potential breaking change within the WooCommerce Admin package, stemming from the removal of a number of settings from the wc_admin namespace within the wc/data store. This may impact some third party code that aims to integrate with WooCommerce Admin.

Actions and Filters

Two new filters have been added:

woocommerce_quantity_input_min_adminAllows the minimum value for the product quantity selector (within the order editor) to be changed.
woocommerce_quantity_input_step_adminAllows the step value for the product quantity selctor (within the order editor) to be changed.

One filter has been changed:

woocommerce_order_actionsOrder object is now available to callbacks via a second parameter.

Database changes

There are no database changes in this release.

Template changes

There are no template changes in this release.

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