Update on the WooCommerce 8.5 known issue

Hello everyone! We would like to inform the community that the fix for the known issue in WooCommerce 8.5 is ready and will be included on an upcoming point release.

During the development and testing of this fix, we identified additional issues that are important enough to be addressed in the point release. These additional fixes are now being reviewed and tested. The issues we’re focused on fixing are:

  1. Fix commands with tags breaking the command palette #43269
  2. WordPress auth cookies are removed by WooCommerce 8.5.0 #43463
  3. 8.5 RC notice templates #43342

What happens next?

We expect to release WooCommerce 8.5.1 on Monday, January 15, 2024. We will make an announcement of the release in this blog.

Thank you

We like to thank everyone who reported issues and submitted fixes for this release. A special thanks goes to:

Finally, thank you to every community member who continues to report bugs, contribute fixes and enhancements, and support fellow community members. WooCommerce wouldn’t be possible without you.

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